Preparation in the final days before AirVenture

EAA Preparations, July 2014
EAA Preparations, July 2014

OSHKOSH - Airplanes are filling the sky around Oshkosh, as we are just a few days away from EAA's AirVenture. The event starts Monday, but before it does, there's a lot to get done.

Airplanes are being parked, flowers are being planted, and fences are being built. Crews are working round the clock so AirVenture can take off.

"Down to the point where there's a million little things to get done and we're trying to get them all done. Volunteers are coming in, airplanes are coming in, campers are coming in," said EAA spokesman Dick Knapinski.

There's a lot to prepare for. One attraction in particular is getting a lot of attention.

"Our own "One Week Wonder," building an airplane in a week, watching that project take shape," said Knapinski.

A crew of volunteers will work to build the plane inside this box, with help from anyone who stops by, starting Monday morning.

"I want everybody that walks through that front gate to consider the idea that they could build their own aircraft," explained Charlie Becker, communities director for EAA.

The goal is to taxi the plane by next Sunday. So volunteers are making sure everything is ready now.

"All that stuff, tools, everything has to be ready so we can have 25-30 people going non-stop starting Monday morning," said Becker.

But work is going on all over the grounds.

Vendors are setting up displays, taking care of the tiniest details.

"Done a lot of landscaping, you can see we brought in a lot of rocks with the landscapers," described Earl Polenz with Aviat Aircraft.

It's going to be tiring...

"I don't anticipate a lot of downtime during the day," said Becker.

...but worth it.

"The excitement of the event, we know it's something bigger than any one of us and you run on adrenaline for a week, as we kid each other, well sleep in August," said Knapinski.

AirVenture starts Monday and runs through next Sunday. More than 500,000 people are expected to attend.