Prep Q&A: Bay Port's Tyler Sagal

Bay Port's Tyler Sagal has led Pirates to 10-5 record this season.
Bay Port's Tyler Sagal has led Pirates to 10-5 record this season.

The Bay Port boys basketball team started the season splitting its first eight games, but now the Pirates are on a roll, winning six of seven.

Bay Port has lifted itself into the Fox River Classic Conference race with an 8-2 league record, 10-5 overall. Tyler Sagal leads Bay Port with 15.5 points per game and recently talked about the team's success.

Q: You were 4-4 at one point and now you guys have won six of seven. What's changed in the last few weeks that's allowed you to get this far?

TS: I think the younger guys are really stepping up and really accepting their roles and really playing together; I think that's the biggest part.

Q: Talk about your play this year, you're leading the team in scoring. Did you expect to be in that role?

TS: Kind of. I knew I had to play a big role this year because I'm the lone returning starter this year; just have to be a leaser for the team.

Q: Five players on this team average 7 (points) or more per game. Even though you're around 16 (points per game), there are plenty of weapons. How important is it to have that balance, especially against big teams?

TS: That's huge, knowing other people can step up, too. Dante Decleene just stepping up big time this year hitting threes; that's really helping us.

Q: Early in the season it looked like it might be De Pere and Ashwaubenon in the FRCC. That's kind of changed now. Are you guys pretty confident you can win this thing?

TS: Ashwaubenon will be tough, but we have to take it one game at a time and keep playing the way we play.

Q: Unfortuantely, weather has been a part of the season. How frustrating is it as players when you're getting games canceled and even practice?

TS: I'm pretty frustrated about the Manitowoc game (Tuesday). I want to keep playing because our next game is next Tuesday. That's a week without a game.

Q: What did you do to get better in the offseason?

TS: Spent a lot of hours here (in the gym) shooting, working out and getting better every day.

Q: Did you always have confidence this team would make the run it's on now?

TS: Yeah, for sure. If we play the right way, we can be good.

Q: Up to this point, what's your best high school sports memory?

TS: The De Pere game, I would say. That was something else.

Q: Talk about winning that De Pere game; they've kind of owned this conference. You guys have always been nipping at their heels. How big was it to get that win and show them Bay Port's not too bad.

TS: It's about time, finally getting over that hump.

Q: Was there ever a shred of doubt in your mind you were going to beat them.

TS: To be honest, I thought going into that game we were going to take that one, I really did.

Q: Favorite place to play on the road?

TS: I like Notre Dame. I like their court and their hoops. It's a good environment.

Q: What are your college plans?

TS: Maybe play D-III basketball, maybe D-II. I don't know yet.

Q: Have you had offers?

TS: Just talked to a lot of D-III schools.

Q: Any schools specific?

TS: St. Norbert. That's where I'm leaning right now.

Q: What makes this a successful season?

TS: Just playing together and getting better every day. That's pretty much it.

Q: Madison (the state tournament) has to be a thought.

TS: Yes, that would be amazing.

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