Possible Kohler Co. golf course being discussed

Possible Kohler Co. golf course being discussed
Possible Kohler Co. golf course being discussed

TOWN OF WILSON - Kohler Company is planning to build a new golf course in Sheboygan County.

The company plans to build it on 247 acres of wooded land it owns along Lake Michigan, just north of Kohler-Andrae State Park.

“We are planning a 18-hole golf course with all the traditional items that come with a golf course: a clubhouse, a maintenance facility, a golf cart barn, those sorts of things,” said Mike Belot, the general manager of Destination Kohler.

Beyond that, Kohler representatives didn't say much about the plan at the Town of Wilson board meeting.

Kohler declined to answer our questions after the meeting.

About a hundred residents showed up to the meeting, many saying they have questions as well.

“Why destroy the last pristine, most natural lakeshore dunes, habitat on the western shoreline of Lake Michigan?” said Kathleen Rammer of the town of Wilson.

Kohler already has four 18-hole courses in the area: two at Whistling Straits and two at Blackwolf Run.

Next year, Whistling Straits will host its third PGA Championship. Blackwolf Run has hosted the women's U.S. Open twice.

“Kohler has always done a great job with golf courses, so it would be top-notch development,” said Mike Basch of the town of Wilson.

Basch lives in the backyard of where the golf course would go. Kohler originally planned a luxury wilderness retreat for the area, but pulled the plan a few weeks ago.

“I have mixed feelings at this point because I think it's a beautiful piece of land that is just a wonderful pristine wilderness area, but on the other hand, it's a great place for a golf course,” said Basch.

The town of Wilson's plan commission is expected to take up the plan next.

88-year-old golf course architect Pete Dye told the Journal Sentinel he will design the course. Dye also designed the other four Kohler courses.