Police: City worker impostors rob homeowner

Police: City worker impostors rob homeowner
Police: City worker impostors rob homeowner

MANITOWOC - Police advise homeowners with leaky pipes, beware.

Two men have been suspected of posing as utility workers, and robbing a Manitowoc woman.

Police say the men made off with a lot of cash, although they refused to be specific.

And they say they need your help finding them.

Thursday afternoon two men knocked on a woman's door on Manitowoc's south side.

“They asked about her leaky pipes. In this situation, she happened to have some leaky pipes in the basement due to the cold and she let them in to investigate that,” said Wallander.

She told police that's when the men took advantage of her.

“She thought that these people were going to help her. The one individual went downstairs to kind of ‘check on the pipes’ while the other individual kept her distracted in the other room. And that second individual went through the house. 1:00 They ended up taking a large sum of money from this woman.

Police won't say which street specifically the incident happened on in order to keep the victim's identity secret. However, they ask others to be on alert.

Manitowoc police say the one man is in his fifties, approximately 5’9”, with a husky build. He wore a brown jacket and jeans.

The second man was in his thirties, around 5’6”, with a medium build.

Wallander says the woman did not ask for identification which he says homeowners should do before letting anyone in their homes.

“Unless you've contacted a contractor or you've had someone that comes to your house that the city sent, make sure you get an identification card about that person,” said Wallander. “Usually, there's some sort of vehicle parked in front of the house. They aren't going to be going door to door.”

Police want homeowners to call them if they suspect utility workers, or anyone else in their neighborhood aren't who they say they are.

Even though Manitowoc police won't say where this incident happened, they still ask that if you have any information about these alleged fake utility workers to call them.

Anyone with information is asked to call Manitowoc police at (920) 686-6551. Manitowoc authorities say anyone who truly works for the city will carry and display an ID.