Planned Parenthood to close Fond du Lac clinic

Planned Parenthood closes Fond du Lac clinic
Planned Parenthood closes Fond du Lac clinic

FOND DU LAC - Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin says it will close one of its clinics this fall. The clinic is located in Fond du Lac, and is scheduled to shut down September 25th.

Some Wisconsin legislators are saying this is a blow to women's health. While others say it's a win for the pro-life movement.

In a few months, this Planned Parenthood clinic in Fond du Lac will be closed.

Democratic State Representative Penny Bernard Schaber told FOX 11 it's very bad news.

"Governor Walker's decision in 2011 in that budget was not an appropriate decision to be made for the healthcare of women in Wisconsin," said Bernard Schaber.

This is the 5th Planned Parenthood clinic to close in Wisconsin in 2 years. The others were in Shawano, Beaver Dam, Chippewa Falls and Johnson Creek.

Planned Parenthood said that's because a million dollars that it used to get from the state has been cut from the budget.

Republican State Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt told FOX 11 he agreed with the cut.

"I've voted for every budget cut that there has been, because I believe it is an organization that has become synonymous with abortion," Thiesfeldt explained.

None of the clinics that closed offered abortions. It's against state law to use state funding for abortion, unless medically necessary.

Thiesfeldt told us it doesn't matter.

"As I said, the organization is synonymous with abortion. It is a huge provider of its funding," said Thiesfeldt.

"All because of the fact that they're called Planned Parenthood clinics. That's a political decision that didn't need to be made," said Bernard Schaber.

Bernard Schaber told us Planned Parenthood should not be synonymous with abortion. She said they offer care for women at all stages in life, from birth control and family planning to cancer screenings.

"Healthcare services for women who have issues with poverty and who can't afford healthcare other places and the clinic does a marvelous job," Bernard Schaber explained.

"Those people certainly will have options in the community here. This is not a small community. There are other places they can go that will be willing to serve them," said Thiesfeldt.

Planned Parenthood said it will refer Fond du Lac patients to its other clinics in Oshkosh and West Bend.

After the Fond du Lac clinic closes, Planned Parenthood will have 22 facilities still open in the state.

Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin did not respond to our requests for comment on this story.