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      Pizza and a selfie on the FOX 11 Ice Desk

      Can Rachel and Pete break Ellen's record?Ellen DeGeneres made headlines this week when her group selfie taken at the Oscars became the most retweeted tweet in the history of Twitter. It's been forwarded more than 3 million times.So how many times can Rachel Manek's group selfie be retweeted? Taking a page out of Ellen's book, Rachel had a pizza delivered to the ice desk. She then took a selfie with Pete Petoniak and the delivery driver.

      Stole @TheEllenShow's idea. Pizza delivery to the weather deck! Lets c if THIS #selfie can get a million retweets! pic.twitter.com/FQ6Fc5sy8f

      Rachel Manek (@RachelManek) March 5, 2014How many times do you think her photo will be retweeted?