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      Phil DeCastro

      Phil DeCastro
      Phil DeCastro

      Phil DeCastro is a meteorologist with FOX 11's Severe Weather Center. He comes here from WLUC –TV in Marquette, Michigan, where he worked as the morning meteorologist.

      A graduate of Penn State, Phil has a degree in Meteorology, with a concentration in Forecasting and Communications.

      Phil loves to share his passion for weather with people.  He was an avid science fan as a child and favored The Weather Channel and the Discovery Channel over cartoons. A New Jersey native, Phil enjoys sports and has always held the Green Bay Packers in high esteem because of the team's unique history.   He has volunteered as a throwing coach for high school track and field teams in the past and has played rugby since college.  Other interests include drumming and computer technology.

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