People try to nip cabin fever 2014 in the bud

People try to nip Cabin Fever 2014 in the bud.
People try to nip Cabin Fever 2014 in the bud.

ASHWAUBENON – School's out – but it's a far ways away from being out for summer.

With many schools closed because of the cold, about 50 kids had run of the House of Speed sports facility in Ashwaubenon Tuesday morning, to the delight of some parents.

"They go stir crazy sitting at home!” said Terry Petitjean, who brought her two children to the complex Tuesday morning. “Or they sit in front of a video game all day, so, yeah, this helps."

"We can get 'em in here, let them run," said House of Speed owner Scotty Smith.

Smith says the 64 degree temperature inside is something we won't see for a while outside.

“Think about it, with the temperatures now, if it warms up to 20 (degrees) tomorrow, we got a 40 or 50 degree temperature swing."

Full season service

Bob Albers isn't bothered by the cold temperatures much.

"Hey Jerry! How you doing?" asked Bob Albers as he walked up to the black minivan’s drivers door.

"You keeping warm?" the driver asked Albers.

"Oh, I'm trying," Albers replied. “Go ahead and fill 'er up?"

You see, Albers is an attendant at the Country Visions BP gas station in De Pere.

"I have a lot of people who are very grateful for me on cold days, like today,” said Albers, who’s been pumping gas and squeegeeing windows at the station for the last three years. “And when it’s snowing and when it’s raining, and when it’s 90 degrees out.

He’s kind of like the postal service.

“I’m here to serve.”

And that service – especially in the cold temps – means repeat customers.

"All the time," said Anne Hoffmann of Oneida, after having Albers fill up her car.

"Why?" asked FOX 11’s Bill Miston.

"Because I don't have to get out of the car, keeps me warm!" said Hoffmann.

Warming up your personal tank

"It's winter in Wisconsin," said Dan Hoehne.

Hoehne knows all about warming up your inner tank – it’s in his family.

As the owner of Chili John's on Military Ave. in Green Bay, serving up hot chili’s been part of his heritage for more than 100 years – and not just chilly weather.

"Somebody who likes our product, likes our product, and they don't care if it's July or it's January," said Hoehne.

You'd think with the cold snap, the bowls of hot chili would be pouring out of the pots. But Hoehne says it's quite the other way around.

"Our best time of day is when there's a lot of people out," Hoehne said. The cold weather is definitely not something that brings a lot of people out.

So if you do go out, Hoehne says to take some precautions.

"Just protect yourself a little bit – is all you really need."

Or maybe have a bowl or two of chili, once you get wherever you’re going.