People take advantage of warmer weather

Skiers enjoy warmer weather
Skiers enjoy warmer weather

BROWN COUNTY - Ready to head out on the Fox River, Steve Saunders hopes his fishing luck will be better than when it was below freezing.

“A lot of times your left high and dry,” said Saunders, a Green Bay resident.

One thing the warmer temperatures did bring was more competition on the ice.

“Catch some walleyes, hopefully get a trophy,” said Lee Bruesch of Waupun.

“This parking lot was empty for a couple days and all of a sudden the warming trend comes around and boom, parking lot is semi-full already,” said Saunders.

Saunders would prefer seeing the vehicles in the lot compared to on the ice, especially considering the number of days to ice fish is starting to melt away.

“You can have 30 inches of ice here and 10 feet away be four inches,” said Saunders. “People have to consider it's not safe, it's never 100% safe on the river.”

Off the ice, people were also taking advantage of the weather.

“Comfortable, don't have to dress too hard,” said Ron Stark of Appleton.

A steady stream of cross country skiers were on the trails at Brown County's Reforestation Camp.

“The conditions are excellent really,” said Ron Stark. “They got good on here, but they're better than good I think.”

“This is ideal, actually, maybe a little cooler, but I'm not complaining,” said Geri Stark.

The skiers hope the conditions stay where they are at, in hopes of extending the season.

“I think it's going to be good for a couple weeks,” said Ron Stark. “I think if Mother Nature cooperates it'll be real good.”

While opinions vary on what it means for Mother Nature to cooperate, mostly everyone can agree, even a little above freezing feels pretty good at this point.

“It's beautiful,” said Bruesch. “100% difference, it's like summer time.”