Parents, students have mixed reaction to Preble police presence

Green Bay Preble High School
Green Bay Preble High School
GREEN BAY- Parents and students have had mixed reaction to the added police presence at Preble High School.

As cars line up after school, some Preble parents say their worries have mounted over two fights that happened last week.

“I graduated from Preble quite a few years ago and it was never like that here,” said Chris VandenAvond.

This dad feels more secure with increased police patrols.

“It makes me feel that my child is safer but we have to be aware of these things I guess. Things change, you know,” said VandenAvond.

Though parents say they were notified by the school district about the fights, the school district didn't say why the fights happened. And that's something they still want to know.

“And they wouldn't come right out and say but they told me it was the second thing I had asked, and they told me, apparently, it was about racism,” said Diana Sparapani, whose grandson is a freshman at Preble.

“I asked the police officer what it entailed and he said, ‘I can't tell you anything. If your child was involved you would have heard about it yesterday,’” she recalled of what happened when she picked her grandson up on Thursday.

Monday, the school district and police officers still didn't say if racial tension led to the problems.

"I can't speak to who exactly is involved until the investigation is over,” said Lt. Todd LePine of the Green Bay Police Department. LePine handles liaison officers at the schools.

Students we spoke with during their lunch break seemed less concerned with the police presence, and more focused on staying out of the drama.

“I don't have any concern. I know they'll do their job,” Cullen Holterman.

"I'm just trying to go to school,” said Cassie Stangel.

And this grandmother says she's taking an extra step to keep her grandson out of trouble.

“My grandson could walk home from school but I'd rather pick him up,” said Sparapani.

The school district says if parents have more specific questions, they can call the school's office.

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