Parents concerned over Preble High School violence

Preble Fight Investigation
Preble Fight Investigation

GREEN BAY - Parents of Preble High School students are speaking out in the wake of violence at the school.

School officials say two fights happened last week. It's all believed to be the result of an ongoing community conflict.

Police are involved and have stepped up security at the school.

Korissa Diehl's son is a senior at Preble. She has concerns about recent fights reported at the school, and while she's worried, he'll still be in class Monday.

"I did question about whether or not to have my son go to school on Monday. I'm just wondering if the hype dies down a little bit and things kind of settle to hold him home for a while," said Korissa Diehl.

According to an email Preble principal Natasha Rowell sent to parents Saturday, there was an altercation in the commons at the end of lunch last Wednesday.

It resulted in an investigation and disciplinary action.

Rowell said school leaders believe the disturbance was the result of what they call an "ongoing community conflict" that spilled over into the school.

The email goes on to say staff worked with police throughout the day Thursday and thought they had everything under control.

However, a fight broke out in front of the school after students were dismissed.

Police and school officials investigated the incident. On Friday the school continued to monitor the situation.

Rowell told parents, "The safety and security of all of our students is our utmost priority."

Diehl's husband said he feels reassured.

"Because of the police presence, I feel that the city is making it a point to make sure the schools are secure. I have confidence in the city to maintain that security but because it's there, because the presence is there; it makes you wonder what's going on," said Dion Diehl.

Rowell shared few details about the fights, but said more police were on hand Friday, and students were sent home at different times.

"I'm still a little shaken, but I knew nothing was going to happen, so now that I know that they're going to have extra security, I feel safer and I know that Preble can take care of its students," said Andrea Cornett, a junior at Preble High School.

Rowell said the increased security could last for weeks.

More information about the situation is expected Monday at a 10 a.m. news conference with district officials and police.