Palm Sunday a tale of re-birth for New London church


NEW LONDON – While some in Wisconsin were cleaning up from a Saturday storm on Sunday, others were moving forward from the destruction of a storm that ravaged parts of the state in August.

Trinity Evangelical Church in New London was nearly destroyed by a tornado during the storm.

Today, the church is newly renovated.

"Here's where we see God at work and here's the result of God bringing people together in so many ways and we're thankful and that's what we were celebrating today the victory of that is ours in Christ," said Pastor Bil Sutlief.

Parishioners had the chance to worship there for the first time in about seven months; the church had been using a high school and senior center as temporary places to worship.

Sutlief says it took months of hard work to complete the project and is thankful for the renovated space, but there’s more work that needs to be done, such as lighting and landscaping.