Packers receive two compensatory draft picks

File photo.
File photo.

ORLANDO, Fla. - The NFL announced at the owners' meetings today that they are awarding the Green Bay Packers two compensatory draft picks for the 2014 draft because of free agents the team lost during last off-season.

The Packers will receive a third round pick (98 overall) for losing wide receiver Greg Jennings to the Vikings. They also received a fifth round pick (176 overall) because linebacker Erik Walden signed with the Colts.

The picks cannot be traded, and the number of picks equals the net loss of player free agents in the off-season. The Packers lost two, and gained none, so got two extra picks this spring. The maximum a team is allowed to have is four compensatory draft picks.

The level of the compensatory pick depends on the contract the lost player signed, as well as the performance of the player for his new team.