Packers Hall of Fame exhibits coming to Neville

Packers Hall of Fame pieces coming to Neville. Exhibit to open next month.
Packers Hall of Fame pieces coming to Neville. Exhibit to open next month.

GREEN BAY - Football fans will soon be able to see some items from the Packers Hall of Fame at the Neville Public Museum.

The Hall of Fame has been closed since November as Lambeau Field goes through renovations.

The Pilgrims used the ship Mayflower to escape to the New World. Now the same-named moving company is being used to spring Bart Starr from storage...okay, not Bart Starr, but his statue.

"It's good to know that they're going to be out again and not bottled up,” said Tom Murphy, Packers Hall of Fame Inc.

Hall of Fame Board Member Tom Murphy says large pieces, like lockers and Ice Bowl statues, are just the first to be moved to the Neville. It's part of the exhibit Touchdown! which is scheduled to open next month.

There are thousands of pieces within the Hall of Fame's collection and the Neville will offer a much more condensed version of that. However, there will be some new pieces that have never been seen before.

"We're going to have the original goal post crossbar from Hagemeister Park, the new photography from the (1967) Ice Bowl and there will be some other things too,” said Murphy.

The exhibit will include at least two Lombardi trophies. For the museum, the exhibit is more than showing off Packers mementos.

“We're looking at the bigger slice of local and regional and national history and helping tell that story through the lens of Packers and Hall of Fame history,” said Beth Lemke, Neville Public Museum’s interim director.

Lemke says the museum is going through its own archives to add to the exhibit. But Hall of Fame objects brought in for the exhibit will likely to temporary.

"Objects will probably be coming and going, depending on what needs are needing to be filled there, or things that need to be photographed,” said Lemke.

The exhibit will open to the public April 5.

The Packers Hall of Fame is set to reopen next year.