Outagamie County supervisor ballot dilemma

Two sample ballots with two different county board races is seen on April 2, 2014.
Two sample ballots with two different county board races is seen on April 2, 2014.

KAUKAUNA - Kaukauna's city clerk is trying to explain the Election Day mess that had some people receiving the wrong ballots. The mistake affected two Outagamie County supervisor races.

About 130 people got the wrong ballot. They were supposed to get one that featured District 13 candidates Leroy Van Asten and Jason Fischer. Instead, they cast ballots that included the District 10 race between Kevin Behnke and Josh Karl.

The races were close. Behnke beat Karl by about 100 votes. But Van Asten only defeated Fischer by about 50. The total was 188 to 140.

"That's still one-third of the vote that hasn't been given the proper right to vote their way,” said Jason Fischer, Outagamie County supervisor candidate.

The mix-up in Kaukauna already has District 13 supervisor candidate Jason Fischer weighing his options.

“It looks like I will have to call for a recount, to go to the next step,” said Fischer.

To the courts where the results could be overturned or a new election ordered.

Fischer's opponent, Leroy Van Asten, didn't want to talk on camera. But said he's waiting to see what is decided once canvassing is done. As is Kevin Behnke, the winner in the other race. FOX 11 reached out to his opponent, incumbent Josh Karl, and didn't hear back.

"Is there any accountability being done for this? Because, apparently, someone messed up,” said FOX 11’s Bill Miston.

“We've got the board of canvassers, so we've got to. I'm sure something will come out of this. I don't know what,” replied Kaukauna City Clerk Sue Duda.

For 26 years, Duda has been in charge of elections. Duda says poll workers handed out the incorrect ballots by mistake.

“Is anyone being punished for this?" asked FOX 11.

"At this point, no. Not right now, until we know what's going on,” Duda said.

Fischer was the one who pointed out the mistake, hours after polls had opened.

Duda says she would have noticed the mistake and fixed it immediately. But she wasn't at city hall because she was on the ballot.

“I was told to stay away because I was a candidate on the ballot so I couldn't be there,” Duda said.

The Outagamie County Clerk did not want to comment on Kaukauna's election confusion because the results have yet to be verified. She expects that to be done next week.