Ongoing stink over plant could force relocation

The Sanimax plant is located in Howard.
The Sanimax plant is located in Howard.

GREEN BAY - On-going odor issues at a Green Bay plant could force the business to relocate.

Brown County leaders continue to receive complaints from people who live near Sanimax.

The plant is located on Green Bay's west side, near Highways 29 and 41.

But on Monday night, a Brown County board committee will discuss moving it.

Depending on the day and which way the wind blows, you might smell an unpleasant odor coming from the Sanimax plant.

"Some days it's so terrible that you don't even want to be outside. It's really strong," said Nichole Moore who lives near the plant.

Sanimax processes animal by-products and food waste which produces a smell that has sparked dozens of complaints over the years from neighbors.

The stink over the plant has been brought up at past Brown County board meetings, and Sanimax officials have said they're continually working to reduce the smell.

The company says it's spent more than a million dollars on equipment to try to resolve the issue.

"I understand that the business, that they're in is a smelly business, and we will have an odor every once in a while. But we really want to see them mitigate it, and I don't know if they are really, truthfully, putting the best resources forward," said Brown County Supervisor Patrick Evans.

A Brown County committee will discuss moving the problematic plant south to county owned land in the town of Holland at a meeting Monday night.

Supervisor John Van Dyck was not available for an interview, but he has asked the committee to direct county staff to look into potential economic incentives to relocate the Sanimax facility.

Sanimax did not respond to FOX 11's multiple attempts to contact the company for comment.

"We're trying to work together on a solution," said Mark Steuer.

Green Bay alderman Mark Steuer's district is one area that's affected by the small.

"I think that Sanimax, they feel that they might be being unduly persecuted on this…that we're going after them. I think the big thing is that we're citizens and we just want to see something done," Steuer said.

In 2012, the Brown County Board considered changing an ordinance that would fine a company based on the number of odor complaints filed. It was not approved.

For now, Sanimax will provide quarterly updates to the county on its efforts to reduce the odor.