Outagamie County recounts complete

Outagamie County recounts complete
Outagamie County recounts complete

APPLETON - The winners remained the same after recounts Friday in two Outagamie County Board races, according to County Clerk Lori O'Bright.

The candidates who lost the District 10 and District 13 races requested recounts after it was discovered about 130 voters in the city of Kaukauna were given the wrong ballot.

In District 13, the recount confirmed the results certified by the Board of Canvassers: Leroy Van Asten defeated Jason Fischer, 189-141.

In District 10, more people voted in the race than were registered as having voted, due to the ballot distribution error. As a result, during Friday's recount, election officials removed 84 ballots at random from the total to reconcile the number of voters and votes, O'Bright said.

Previously, the Board of Canvassers had declared Kevin Behnke defeated Josh Karl, 349-252. After removing ballots Friday, the new official tally shows Behnke won by a 300-223 margin.

O'Bright said there are several factors why the overvote was 84 ballots, when the initial indication was 130 people may have received the wrong ballot. Some people may not have voted in the County Board race, or that estimate of the number of incorrect ballots may have been off. Also, some of the incorrect ballots may have been distributed to District 13 voters, she said.

While the recounts may not have changed the overall outcome of the elections, they were required before either Fischer or Karl could file suit in circuit court, if they want to seek some remedy for the ballot mix-up.