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      NWTC international student visits with President Obama

      NWTC student meets President Obama
      NWTC student meets President Obama
      GREEN BAY - An international student, studying at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, has quite the story to tell his friends and family back in Tunisia.Mohamed Dhib has been in the United States for about ten months."It's so different, it's not like the U.S. we watch in the movies," said Dhib.The movies might be where the story of Dhib's trip to Washington D.C. belongs. Last week, Dhib went to the nation's capitol thinking he was meeting with visiting Tunisian government officials."We just gave like advice to improve our Tunisian education system through the skills that we've learned here," said Dhib.After his meeting, Dhib was taken on an impromptu tour of the White House. He was told he'd be meeting the leader of Tunisia."They told us the Prime Minister and high level people from the White House, but honestly I didn't expect it would be that high level," said Dhib.While in the Rose Garden, it was as high level as it comes."Suddenly somebody said like "oh, hi guys, how are you doing?"said Dhib. "For like ten seconds nobody said anything. We were all like this, and it was the President and our Prime Minister."The meeting lasted about fifteen minutes. Dhib told the President he was studying in Green Bay."He said, 'How's it going there? Do you like the winter?" said Dhib.While Dhib says he can't recall all the details, he remembers enough to make his fellow international students at NWTC wish they were there."I'm a little bit jealous, because when do you get the chance to meet the President of the United States?" said Felix Winkler, a German exchange student at NWTC."He was a practical person," said Dhib of Obama. "He's humble. I like him."Dhib couldn't say whether he was more excited to meet President Obama or the Tunisian Prime Minister. He says meeting the Prime Minister is just as rare as an average U.S. citizen meeting the President.