Northwoods propane provider gets shipment, continues deliveries to customers

Customer's Gas in Amberg says it received a shipment of propane over the weekend.
Customer's Gas in Amberg says it received a shipment of propane over the weekend.

AMBERG - Sherry Murray of Stephenson says she's been out of propane since December.

"My toilet just froze, my sink drain froze," said Murray, with a laugh.

She drove to the Customer's Gas Service office in Amberg Monday to find out when she'll get more.

"Cause you can't get through on the phone, it's busy, busy, busy, busy. So I came here to find out what's going on, cause I need gas."

Murray and her neighbor were told they'll get deliveries of propane Tuesday morning. The company explained, it was out of the gas for most of last week.

That changed Saturday evening, when 9,200 gallons were delivered from Janesville. Now the company says it is delivering its supply to its neediest customers first.

The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) has received eight complaints about Customer's Gas not fulfilling contracts.

DATCP says it has also received  dozen more complaints involving five other providers in Northeast Wisconsin.

The owner of Customer's Gas did not want to speak on camera, but he did sit down with FOX 11 for about a half hour to explain why his company's deliveries have been delayed.

Owner Terry Price says his company is small and has a disadvantage with suppliers because it doesn't have its own freight truck.

Price also says trucks have to wait in abnormally long lines at the distribution center in Janesville.

He emphasized his business remains open, and reports that it had shut down are not true.

Ronald Hawkins of Athelstane questions what's behind the shortage affecting several Midwest states.

"Where's this stuff going? Certainly not going to my house, and I don't blame this company," said Hawkins.

Hawkins says his tank is 11 percent full, and he expects to receive more propane from Customer's Gas within the next week.

"You have to have heat," said Murray.

As people like Murray wait for a delivery, Customer's Gas says it has already ordered its next shipment of propane. Price anticipates it will be delivered later this week.

Price also says he has seen a lot of instances of neighbors helping other neighbors by sharing extra propane.

He says consumers with questions should continue to call the company's main line.

Customer's Gas also encourages people to continue conserving their propane.