Northeast Wisconsin enjoys a taste of spring

Melting snow forms a puddle on the campus of St. Norbert College in De Pere, March 10, 2014. (WLUK/Gabrielle Mays)
Melting snow forms a puddle on the campus of St. Norbert College in De Pere, March 10, 2014. (WLUK/Gabrielle Mays)

BROWN COUNTY - Students at St. Norbert College in De Pere seem to be enjoying the extra sunshine and warmer temperatures.

"I'm loving it; I'm considering to go put some shorts on in my room right now and maybe a t-shirt or a tank top or something. This is perfect weather for me. This is where I absolutely enjoy my weather," said Quinn Bukouricz.

"It's kind of a nice break just from the really bad winter that we have. It's kind of nice just to have like an actual spring day in March. It doesn't happen very often," said Hayley Bertrand.

Ice fishermen on the Fox River are also taking advantage of the weather, but Sam Barnett says he's looking forward to spring.

"I like the four seasons. Hopefully we'll have a spring. That'll be nice but like I say, in a couple weeks normally this is full of boats. Right now it's got 26 inches of ice," said Barnett.

A recent report from the National Weather Service says with all of the snowfall this winter, warmer temperatures could cause flooding in parts of the state.

But meteorologist Jeff Last says there isn't much of a risk in Northeast Wisconsin.

"There's a heavy snow cover across much of Northeast Wisconsin, including Green Bay and the Fox Valley. If the snow were to melt very rapidly, certainly, we would have some flooding concerns in the immediate future but we don't see that happening though. Temperatures will be mild over the next couple of days but then get closer to freezing again which will slow any melting potential," said Last, warning coordination meteorologist at the National Weather Service.

But the warm temperatures won't be around much longer so you'll have to soak up the sunshine while it lasts.