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      New water main flushing program to begin in Green Bay

      GREEN BAY - The annual flushing of water mains is going in a new direction this year.Beginning Monday, the Green Bay Water Utility plans to use a method called uni-directional flushing. The goal is to remove settled particles from underground water mains. Uni-directional flushing is an alternative to adding chemicals to the water.Neighbors in the area where flushing is happening need to be aware of a few things, officials say."When the flushing is taking place in your neighborhood, you may notice some discoloration for a short period of time as minerals are dislodged from the water pipes," said Brian Powell, Water Utility Engineering Services Manager. "If possible, do not use water while the flushing is taking place in your neighborhood. After flushing is completed, if the water is discolored, you may need to run cold water for 5 to 10 minutes until it clears in order to flush the iron minerals from the system."Water pressure may drop briefly in the area where flushing is taking place, Powell adds.Plans call for uni-directional flushing to begin near the intersection of Baird and Lawe streets. Crews will then move systematically throughout the city. Flushing is expected to take 18 months.Utility leaders say they will notify key customers before flushing is taking place in their area. Those customers include hospitals and clinics, dentist offices, restaurants, schools, Laundromats, hair salons and buildings with fire suppression systems.For more information and to find out when flushing is taking place in your neighborhood, call (920) 448-3480 or log on to the Green Bay Water Utility's website.