Mosquitoes making their presence felt

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story snapshot

TOWN OF WRIGHTSTOWN - At the Apple Creek campground in the town of Wrightstown, it was a pleasant Tuesday afternoon.

A stiff breeze keeping the air cool, and the mosquitoes at bay.

But according to managers there, the tiny pests have been making their presence felt.

"I know like last year, and I think the year before, we were a little bit drier, where we really haven't had much of anything. This year we've had where I've actually noticed the mosquitoes, and we've had people buying bug spray a little more," says Pam Packee, a manager at Apple Creek.

With the wet and warmth lately, it's probably only going to get worse.

Part of the reason why campers are only just now starting to see the bugs coming out is not just because of the recent nice weather.

It's actually, believe it or not, still an after-affect of the long, cold winter that we just experienced.

In Wisconsin, there are more than 50 species of mosquitoes that bite humans, and the bugs may have been thrown out of their normal rhythm.

That's according to Dr. Michael Draney, who in addition to being a professor of biology at UWGB, is also an entomologist, or someone who studies insects.

"The early developing species, or early emerging species were probably delayed by this late winter, so they're emerging later. The late emerging species, though, probably were not delayed, because eventually it got quite warm," said Dr. Draney.

Rather than a gradual ramp up into peak mosquito season, it looks like it may be going from non-existent to full speed ahead very quickly.

It might be a good idea to join in with the campers at Apple Creek, and start picking up some bug spray.