More snow in Wisconsin, less in the U.S.


Average snow depth in the U.S. has decreased from 64% in February to 46% in early March.

Wisconsin is completely covered in snow, the average snow depth is 21".  At this time last year the state was also completely covered in snow just not as deep, with an average 13".

If you took the snow and melted it down in Green Bay and the Fox Cities you would get between 2" and 4" of liquid.  In the Northwoods the liquid equivalent of the snow would be 4" to 6".

If a big warm up occurs than all that liquid will cause flooding problems. The goods news is that the 7-day forecast has highs only in the 30s. These types of temperatures are good for a gradual snow melt, reducing our chance for flooding.  A slight cool down is expected in the 8-14 day forecast so the short-term flood threat is small.

Ice damming can also cause localized flooding for communities that live near rivers. It will take some time for the thick ice to break up with high temperatures in the 30s.

We'll keep a close eye on snow conditions and any big thaw that may head our way.