More Golden Apple Award recipients surprised


GREEN BAY - Orchestra instructor Audrey Nowak was literally jumping up and down when she figured out why everyone was gathering in her room. The Bay Port High School teacher, smiling from ear to ear, is one of this year's Golden Apple recipients.

"Surprise. Delight. I'm thrilled. Honored. And there's so many people so deserving. I'm just in shock now. I'm grateful. Humbled. Proud," said Novak.

For 23 years she's been inspiring her students. To thank her, they practically buried her in this huge, bear hug.

Kelly Suda is a language arts teacher from Green Bay's Preble High School. She wiped away tears of joy, after receiving her Golden Apple.

For her, it's recognition for the work teachers do both in and out of the classroom.

Golden Apple Awards:

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"I'm building partnerships with kids, even if I see them in the hallway or don't have them in class every day. I work one on one, small groups, large groups, building partnerships with students who build partnerships in the community," said Suda.

Kerstin Westcott was surprised at Washington Middle School in Green Bay. Her students brought her flowers and we brought a Golden Apple Award.

"I love my job. I love everything about it. I love coming to work, reading books. I love talking about books. I love the kids. They are fabulous and make me happy every day," said Westcott.

She teaches reading and language arts, and says she shares this award with her students and her school.

Three more examples of the excellent teaching going on, every day, at schools in our area.