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      Moesch learning, helping team during redshirt season

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      moesch pkg
      ARLINGTON -- He won't score any points or grab any boards, but Aaron Moesch is a big part of the Badgers success this season. The freshman walk-on from Green Bay Southwest is redshirting this year, meaning he does not lose a season of eligibility, but he also does not play."It's hard at times, you want to get on the court, you want to play," said Moesch, a forward. "You just have to remember what's best for you and what's best for the team."Moesch knew that was the likely path he would take in Madison after starring at Southwest. A redshirt year, though, doesn't mean any less work -- in fact, in means banging against the starters every day in practice, giving them looks as part of the scout team."We've had a lot of practices this year where we've pushed the starters and the rotation guys a lot," said Moesch.Teammates appreciate that redshirting can be a challenge."I had to go through that, Frank [Kaminsky] had to go through that," said redshirt junior forward Duje Dukan. "We all had our moments. We have our talks with Aaron, trying to keep his head up. We can see he's capable of doing some really good things."Kaminsky was a reserve last season before bursting on the scene this year as a true junior."Anyone that's out there on the scout team guarding Frank or Sam [Dekker] or Ben [Brust] or Josh [Gasser] or Tre [Traevon Jackson], we work eachother which makes the whole team better," said Moesch.Moesch says he's expecting a big contingent of family members in North Texas for the Final Four. He's also hoping to see a fellow Aaron familiar to Green Bay after another Badgers win: Aaron Rodgers, the Packers quarterback who made cameos in Wisconsin's locker room after their Sweet 16 and Elite 8 wins.