Milwaukee dog recovering from burns

burned dog
burned dog

MILWAUKEE - A Milwaukee area dog survived a horrible ordeal.

Beatrice, a 5-year-old mixed breed, was stolen, set on fire and left to die.

"The first few days were kind of touch and go," said Dr. Marla Lichtenberger from the Milwaukee Emergency Center for Animals.

Beatrice's owner, Karen Smith Burns, says the dog was stolen on March 13 from the backyard of her Wells Street Home.

"The other dog went absolutely crazy," said Smith Burns, "So I ran back to the door and the other dog came in and she was nowhere to be found."

Smith Burns says there was no sign of the dog until March 24. She received a call from animal control that Beatrice was spotted near the Potawatomi Casino.

Lichtenberger said Beatrice was found "cold and with burns on all of her body.”

The dog was taken to the Milwaukee Emergency Center for Animals. Her skin was falling off. There were other health issues due to the severity of the burns.

"She's on pain medication," said Lichtenberger, "She's on antibiotics. I think our lesions are going to heal.”

Lichtenberger says the dog will need another couple of months of treatment. Beatrice is expected to make a full recovery.