Menasha police investigating baby death

Menasha police investigating baby death
Menasha police investigating baby death

MENASHA - A baby from Menasha who died just hours after he was born nine days ago was supposed to have been buried Monday.

But that did not happen because police are still investigating the child's death. And where they questioned the parents may surprise you.

Menasha police waited at a local funeral home Saturday morning to look into the baby's death.

"At no time did we disrupt the services and certainly it is not an ideal situation for us or the family, but following the law and following the procedures, we did have to be there," said Menasha Police Officer Aaron Zemlock.

That's because it was just before the funeral that police were notified of concerns about how the baby died.

"There was simply information brought forward that there was bruising on the baby, but that can be due to a number of different medical conditions and that is why we have to wait for the autopsy report," said Zemlock.

The baby boy was born prematurely by emergency C-section at Theda Clark Medical Center in Neenah Saturday, April 26.

Zemlock says police aren't sure why there was a delay.

"I'm not exactly sure if there was a breakdown in the process or what the circumstances were surrounding it, but no it is not typical for a week to go by before we are notified,” said Zemlock.

He also says the medical examiner’s office was never contacted by Theda Clark, or Children's Hospital of Wisconsin in Neenah where the baby died.

"Is it strange that the medical examiner wasn't notified? I think we are all asking that question, we're not exactly sure why,” said Zemlock.

Representatives with Theda Clark and Children's Hospital of Wisconsin did not return our calls for comment. Neither did the parents of the baby.

FOX 11 is not naming the child or family members involved because no one has been arrested or charged.

"We don't even know that a crime has occurred. As with any suspicious death, once we are notified we have to follow through with certain protocols and complete those investigations," said Zemlock.

The burial has been postponed pending the outcome of the investigation.