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      MDA Bowl-A-Thon continues strong tradition in Oshkosh

      OSHKOSH - People laced up their bowling shoes in Oshkosh for a good cause Sunday.It's all part of the 7th annual Oshkosh MDA Bowl-A-Thon.All of the money raised will go to kids in Northeast Wisconsin affected by muscular dystrophy.New this year - more raffle prizes. Five thousand dollars worth of prizes to be exact.The event's organizer says the game with a goal continues to gain popularity."We've grown every single year and I'm excited. It's something I'm going to do for as long as I possibly can, even though I don't live in Oshkosh. I live in Madison, but with the help of our volunteers and the support of everybody, this event is truly one of a kind," said Eric Salzwedel.Last year, the event raised more than $12 thousand.Organizers say this year they hope to raise at least $18 thousand.