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      Massive ice shoves piling up in Oshkosh

      OSHKOSH - Massive ice shoves are starting to pile up on the shores of Lake Winnebago.Strong winds this weekend pushed ice to the western shores of the lake.The ice is now stacked several feet high in Menominee Park.It's providing an interesting sight for many, and some are using it to test their climbing skills."It's very impressive, nature, and something you don't see out there all the time. There's quite a few people that have come out, take a look at it, and climb around," said Keith Cedarquist of Oshkosh.Just south of Menominee Park, people on the lake side of Lake Street saw their backyards invaded by the shoves.Lisa Weber shot video of the shoves moving in. Weber says it's the highest she's seen them in her yard since she moved there in 1991.Unfortunately, the shoves have caused some damage to her new retention wall.