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      Mary Burke talks John Doe investigation

      APPLETON - While in Appleton Monday, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke said she was disappointed by the secret investigation involving Scott Walker's staff.About 27,000 pages of e-mails and documents gathered by investigators were released last week from the John Doe investigation regarding campaign activity by members of Scott Walker's staff in 2010 when he was Milwaukee County executive.The investigation closed last year. Walker was not charged with any wrongdoing, but six of his aides were convicted."I'm just disappointed that our governor set such a low bar for campaign ethics," said Burke.Burke was in Appleton to talk to small business owners."I think people have lost their confidence in politicians just because of things like this," she said. "I want to restore trust and honesty from the Wisconsin people."On FOX News Sunday, Walker called the documents 'old news.' Host Chris Wallace asked Walker specifically if he knew about the secret email account his staff members were using."You had a Democratic district attorney spend three years looking at every single one of those communications interviewing people, talking to people and he closed the case last March," said Walker."Did you know there was a private e-mail, account?" asked Wallace."Once again, I point out the district attorney has reviewed each and every one of these," responded Walker."Sir you're not answering my question," Wallce said, interrupting Walker."No, because I'm not going to get into 27,000 pieces of information," the governor responded.Burke believes the governor needs to answer more questions about the emails."I think the governor needs to answer the questions that are being put to him by the media," she said.Walker was in Washington, D.C. over the weekend to attend National Governors Association meetings.