Marsh fire under control in Fond du Lac County

Marsh fire burning in Fond du Lac County
Marsh fire burning in Fond du Lac County

BRANDON - A massive marsh fire broke out Friday morning in Fond du Lac County. It burned about 300 acres before crews were able to get it under control.

No one was hurt, and no buildings were burned.

The blaze started in the Brandon area around 10:30 a.m.

Firefighters believe someone nearby was burning something and a spark ignited the fire.

According to FOX 11’s Alex Ronallo, the field where the fire occurred is burnt black and smoke is still hanging in the air.

The Brandon-Fairwater Fire Department says after the emergency call came in, the main course of action was to protect the farm houses in the area.

The department says they let much of the grass burn out on its own. Firefighters did start a few controlled burns to get rid of any grass that could act as fuel for the blaze.

Captain Adam Brown says the weather was the biggest hurdle in getting this under control.

"Yeah, the wind! The wind keeps on changing directions. That's what was the biggest battle. We were set up for one wind direction, all of a sudden she changed, we had to reset up, again,” said Captain Adam Brown, Brandon-Fairwater Fire Department.

Captain Brown tells us Brandon-Fairwater firefighters will be out most of the night. They will put out any hot spots that come up.

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