Marinette bridge is popular fishing spot

Anglers fish for walleye off the Hattie Street Bridge in Marinette
Anglers fish for walleye off the Hattie Street Bridge in Marinette

MARINETTE - The walleye run on the Menominee River in Marinette is at its peak.

On a busy day dozens of fisherman crowd the catwalk on Hattie Street Bridge but some people in the area say it might be too much.

Above the swirling waters of the Menominee River, fishermen on the Hattie Street Bridge gently jockey for position.

"Everybody's looking for the best spot," said Cliff Harnois, Marinette.

The bridge connects Marinette and Menoninee, Michigan.

"When it's shoulder-to-shoulder the entire catwalk, it's combat fishing," said Steve Sobay, Menominee, Michigan.

"Last week it was so bad, that when you turn around to put a minnow on, you lost your spot," said Mike Barrette, Menominee, Michigan.

The Department of Natural Resources says walleye are spawning in the area.

"It lasts just a few weeks, and we're right into it right now. There's a lot of anglers that fish below the first dam, for two miles. A popular spot for fishermen is the sidewalk below the Hattie Street Bridge," said Mike Donofrio, DNR Fisheries Supervisor.

With all the fishermen lined up, lines can get crossed.

"Everybody's pretty good about it. You pretty much fish straight out from where you're at. If somebody's got one, you get out of their way for each other. Real good sportsmen down there so," said Dave Poetzl, Menominee, Michigan.

But some say not all sportsmen are playing by the rules.

"This is disgusting," said Margaret Hollar, Menominee, Michigan.

Hollar says some fishermen trespassed and left garbage on her property.

"Some people just don't care, I mean they won't even pick up after themselves. I mean why should we have to," said Hollar.

Menominee Police confirm officers warned three fishermen about trespassing Thursday night. Police say in general, fishermen follow the rules.

And while the fishing was slow, Harnois found the spot.

"I went alongside the guy that had one on before, it worked. Nice walleye, maybe 20 inches long. But that's what I want to eat anyway. I got my fish, that's my limit for the day. I got to go to work," said Harnois.

The DNR expects the walleye run on the Menominee River to last another week.