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      Man pleads guilty in Glendale homicide

      File photo (WLUK)
      File photo (WLUK)
      MILWAUKEE (AP) - A man charged in the November killing of a Glendale man has pleaded guilty, one day after a jury convicted his co-defendant.Twenty-six-year-old Ncholas Retzlaff pleaded guilty Friday to first-degree intentional homicide. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports Retzlaff faces life in prison at his sentencing April 25. His trial had been set to start next week.Retzlaff and 29-year-old Robert Christophel were charged with killing 65-year-old Peter Holzberger outside his home Nov. 5. Authorities say they choked, hogtied and gagged him, then twisted bungee cords tightly around his neck and buried him under a ceiling-high mound of the clutter that filled Holzberger's home. It took police a week to find his body.The pair stole items from the house and returned several times to continue looting it.