Man creates huge snow fort in Greenville

A Greenville man built this elaborate, 20-foot-tall, two-room snow fort in his backyard.
A Greenville man built this elaborate, 20-foot-tall, two-room snow fort in his backyard.

GREENVILLE- A recent engineering graduate who loves building snow forts has put free time to use this winter.

He's built a nearly 20-foot tall, two-room structure in his Greenville backyard.

You can see it all the way from Highway 15.

“You are standing in front of the marshmallow kingdom as some of my friends would call it. It looks like a marshmallow stacked up. It's a two-room fort that I built all by myself over the winter. Even on the cold days,” said David Carew, beaming with pride.

In between job searching, Carew has spent more than 100 hours sculpting the magnificent structure in his parent's backyard.

"I use a garbage can, just like that one right there, to form the blocks and then what I'll do is cut them in half and I'll stack them up in a ring and I'll fill in with a layer of snow and keep building it up.

“The first few layers were easy. Then it got a little…dangerous,” he says, with a chuckle.

Unlike many of us sitting inside and moping about the cold and snow, Carew decided to put his engineering skills to work and make this amazing creation.

There are two rooms, connected by a tunnel.

We entered the small opening.

But once inside, were able to stand up to full height in the main room.

“It used to be over 12 feet tall in the inside but now it's settled down,” he describes.

Through the tunnel, and up a small snow staircase, there's a large, elevated ledge. You could call it the master bedroom.

“This is where I'll be sleeping tonight,” he said. “This is the most dangerous part right here, building that, I actually had to have a post in here with a T on top to prevent things from falling in.”

But Carew does not for his safety in this snow shelter.

“I'm fairly confident in my engineering skills,” said Carew.

Carew's still hopeful for a few more inches this season.

He says this spacious two-roomer is in need of an addition.

Carew's snow fort has gotten a bit of attention from the neighbors.

Though he's built ones in years past, they've never been this big.