Madison high school students omit 'under God'

Photo: MGN Online/WPBN/WTOM
Photo: MGN Online/WPBN/WTOM
MADISON (AP) - A group of students at a Madison high school twice omitted the words "under God" when saying the Pledge of Allegiance recently, but the school district says the pledge is offered on a daily basis as is required by law.

The Wisconsin State Journal reports Wednesday that an East High student claimed that the pledge was not recited daily and that was circulated widely among conservative circles this week.

But Madison school district spokeswoman Rachel Strauch-Nelson says the student was incorrect and the pledge is offered on a daily basis as state law requires.

Strauch-Nelson says two days in March students reciting the pledge during morning announcements skipped the words "under God" the first day and said "under peace" the second day.