Lux-Casco students honor Holocaust


Luxemburg - Students at Luxemburg-Casco Middle school to honor the innocent lives lost on this Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Eighth graders took part in different activities to showcase the effects of discrimination.

During an assembly at school, students preformed a skit, girls choir sang a song, and some students even created their own videos.

Many of the students that learned about the Holocaust wanted to share it with the whole school.

"We learned about the Holocaust and we read some books on it in school so we decided to teach our whole school about the effects and how it effects our community," says one student, Danae Srnka.

During the day, another activity had some students place bandages on other students.

Those picked were chosen to be *outsiders* just like the 11-million jewish people.

The bandages symbolized the hurt and damage that can be done by bullying.