Local supporters stand up for Ukraine

Local supporters stand up for Ukraine
Local supporters stand up for Ukraine

GREEN BAY - Ukraine is finding support all over the world, including right here in Northeast Wisconsin.

Dozens turned out for a rally in Green Bay, hoping to raise awareness about what's really happening in Ukraine.

Armed not with military might, but Ukraine's yellow and blue flag, dozens of supporters in Green Bay are hoping to show their solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

"These types of support Ukraine rallies are happening all over the world," explained Olga Halaburda, a first generation Ukrainian-American, who still has family living in Ukraine.

Halaburda organized this rally bringing together Ukrainians and Americans. Halaburda says Russian President Putin hasn't fired a shot during his invasion of Ukraine. But his war has been fought with words and lies.

"He's creating this propaganda and by people believing it and repeating it, it's empowering him. So what we need to do is share the truth," said Halaburda.

Russians deny their armed forces are active in Ukraine's Crimean region--but dozens of military trucks have been seen transporting heavily armed soldiers. More reinforcements arrived this weekend.

"And unless we stand up as citizens, those lies can lead to greater takeover and what will become of truth and freedom," said Kate Zeuski, a local resident who joined others in the rally.

So supporters a half a world away spent part of their day standing up for Ukraine.

Valentyn Tershchento moved to Green Bay from Ukraine 13 years ago. He says being away from his homeland is tough.

"It's heartbreaking and I just want to do something and being here today that is the biggest sign of support I can show my family and friends who still live out there," said Tershchento.

A recent poll out of Russia shows 73 percent of Russians do not agree with the invasion of Ukraine, a fact Halaburda shared.

Russian President Putin has set a March 16th referendum on whether Crimea should join Russia--a move President Obama calls a violation of international law.