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      Local runners honor Boston Marathon

      APPLETON - Runners in our area took time to honor the Boston Marathon in their own way. Some area communities held runs in solidarity with Boston Monday.Last year Ken Fenton finished the Boston Marathon 52 minutes before the explosions."It was scary once we realized how close we were and if their timing had been different or if my timing had been different, it could've been a whole different outcome," Fenton told FOX 11.This year an injury kept Fenton from going back to Boston. As a consolation he went to the Remembering Boston Run-Walk in Appleton, sponsored by Fleet Feet Sports of the Fox Valley.When asked how badly he wanted to be in Boston, Fenton said, "oh, you can't imagine! It was terrible. Hurt that I wasn't there, but it looked like a fantastic event."A lot of area runners were sad they had to watch this year's triumph on tv.A similar event was held in Green Bay. The Run as One Boston Marathon Tribute Run brought together runners of all skill level."We wanted to commemorate the tragedy we had last year in Boston and celebrate how they responded to it and really celebrate running as a community," explained coordinator Linda Maxwell.Local runners and walkers told FOX 11 it's important to remember last year's victims and survivors."They were innocent people. They were there for a joyful event, a happy event and to have it ruined with violence is so devastating," said Mark Massoglia.Despite the devastation, a year later, there is strength."Runners are a resilient group and they ban together and when there is adversity they group together and support one another," said Jerry Feldhausen."You're not gonna keep runners down with something like that. It just makes us stronger, more determined," said Fenton who told us he has qualified to run in next year's Boston Marathon.