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      Light snow puts us back ahead of last winter's snowfall

      Though the little bit of snow we saw Wednesday wasn't much, it's pushed us over one threshold.Despite our relative lack of snow recently we're still well above average, but we had slipped back into a tie with last year for total winter snowfall through the same date.It took an inch and a half of snow Wednesday afternoon to pull ahead by exactly that margin.And our little bit of snow Wednesday has pushed us even further above our normal total of 34.7 inches through this date.Should we continue along at just our normal pace of snowfall, we'll get about another 16 inches of snow this season.That would push our total up by the end of the year a shade over 63 inches.Which, by the way, falls right line with FOX 11 Chief Meteorologist Patrick Powell's pre-season forecast for above average snowfall, ranging from 60 to 75 inches on the year.