Letterman jackets limited in high school fashion

Letterman jacket limited in high school fashion
Letterman jacket limited in high school fashion

ASHWAUBENON - School spirit is packing the Resch Center for this weekend’s WIAA girls high school basketball tournament, but one sports fashion trend is becoming more difficult to find.

You'll find students in everything, from top hats and too-toos to polka dots and panda hats. What you'll need a little luck to see, is a letterman's jacket.

“Sportsman's jackets kind of fell out of fashion like I don't know, like ten years ago probably at our school,” said Josh Katcher, a student at Neillsville.

Oconto Falls might be one of the only schools at this weekend's games that have kept the traditional athletic trend alive.

“I sell about 30 of them a year,” said Jerry Moynihan, the athletic director for Oconto Falls.

“A group of athletes like to wear them together,” said Seth Haines, a student at Oconto Falls. “It kind of forms a bond I guess you could say.”

“People say all the time that letterman's jackets are fading, but Oconto Falls everyone wears them, so I don't understand why no other school does,” said Alex Young of Oconto Falls.

One reason might be the cost.

“It costs a little over $200 to buy a jacket, so I think that's part of it,” said Moynihan.

“Our school just quit buying them,” said Aaron Watton, a student at Neillsville. “It's not in the stuff to get when we get our forms and stuff.”

“Our school, most of our athletes wear them when they letter, show off their medals and pins,” said Luke Vrooman, a student at Oconto Falls.

Oconto Falls students say the decline in style shouldn't be because of reliability.

“Oh it's warm and it's one size fits all,” said Vrooman.

While warmth might not sell high school students, at Oconto Falls, it's the meaning that has kept this once popular coat from fading away.

“It's a memory that you'll have forever,” said Young.