Layoff impact reaches beyond Oshkosh Defense

File photo
File photo

OSHKOSH - Businesses around Oshkosh Defense say the laid-off workers aren't the only ones who will feel the impact.

Bartender Karl Buelow says the top story at O'Marro's Pub is the same as the headlines: Layoffs again at Oshkosh Corp.

“You see it every once in a while. It seems to be it gets better, and then the layoffs come again,” said Buelow.

O'Marro's Pub is right in the heart of the Oshkosh Corp. buildings. And it says not as many workers will be stopping by for a pint.

“Especially a Thursday or Friday they'll come in for 1, 2, 17, and not having that customer flow hurts me for tips, but it hurts the business overall in cash flow and customer base,” said Buelow.

While some businesses will suffer, the chamber of commerce says other new jobs are being created in the area.

However, the chamber president wouldn't say what companies will be adding on.

“On Monday, you'll be hearing of an announcement of a company that will be making an expansion in the IT industry of almost 150 new jobs here. So, you know, those are good things,” said chamber president John Casper.

But Buelow says those aren't the right jobs right now.

“You have blue collar workers that just like to go to work, do their jobs and a lot of them don't have degrees, don't have an aptitude for IT jobs, and so it's really not going to be the right fit for them,” said Buelow.

Buelow expects to be filling up some of these personalized pint glasses, as his friends and loyal customers contemplate what's next.

Oshkosh Defense is in the running for a new $13 billion military contract.

The company and union negotiated a contract extension last year to help with the bidding process.

Oshkosh Defense says it would be able to handle the work, even after these cuts.