'Kill list' puts Hortonville High School on lockdown

Hortonville Kill List
Hortonville Kill List

HORTONVILLE - Authorities in Hortonville are investigating what they are calling a 'kill list' at the high school.

In a message to parents, district administrators state the list contains several student names and was written by two students.

“It was a little shocking,” said Jackie McCann-Marsden, whose son attends the school. “I mean, Hortonville is such a close-knit community to have something like that."

An email and phone message was sent to parents. It said the school was in a soft lockdown as authorities were investigating a kill list.

“I texted my daughter, she got right back to me and said everything is fine, she's fine and that was the end of it,” said Ross Ramsay.

District officials say the school was only locked down for a part of a class period.

“We didn't want students wandering in the halls if we were going to be calling students to the office, so we thought it would be best to keep the halls clear,” said Heidi Schmidt, the district’s administrator.

While the halls were clear, authorities searched lockers, looking for the list. However, it wasn't found.

District officials say they'll keep investigating, but despite not having the physical list, they say the students responsible will be disciplined.

“We followed our protocol,” said Schmidt. “We have a crisis response plan, so we worked with law enforcement and notified the appropriate parties.”

Parents FOX 11 spoke with say they're satisfied with the school's actions.

“I'm not worried at all,” said McCann-Marsden.

“The school, I was here the other day and it was very locked down,” said Ramsay. “You've got to buzz to get in. Security seems to be just fine.”

District officials say they believe it is an isolated incident, and are confident things will return to normal on Wednesday.

The district isn't saying how many names were on the list. They also aren't releasing any information about the students allegedly behind the list.