Jury convicts man involved in police scuffle

NeeGee Cloud
NeeGee Cloud

BROWN COUNTY - A police dash cam recorded Green Bay police officers scuffling with a man as they tried to arrest him last fall.

In Brown County court Thursday, a jury convicted that man, 21-year-old NeeGee Cloud.

The criminal case raised questions about police misconduct after Cloud's attorney posted the video on social media.

But police said the suspect was resisting arrest.

The jury deliberated for about a half hour before finding NeeGee Cloud guilty of resisting officers. It was a relatively quick decision after hours of testimony from Green Bay police officers and the defendant himself.

Officers took the stand first, telling the court Cloud would not cooperate on the night of November 6, 2013.

Police tried to arrest Cloud and another man after responding to a call of a person with a gun inside a bar.

Officers testified Cloud disobeyed orders, so they forced him to the ground.

Police say they thought Cloud was going for a gun when his left hand went to his waistband.

"I slide down and deliver several focused strikes to his right abdomen to attempt to get him to release his left arm, while ordering him to release his arm, and put his arms out and he's still continuing to resist us," testified Green Bay police officer Robby Hock.

Officers punched and tased Cloud, who it turns out didn't have a gun.

Cloud also took the stand and told the court he did follow police orders and was not resisting officers.

"They say you were actively resisting, pulling your arm away from them. What was going on?" defense attorney Cole White asked his client.

"I couldn't move I was being, I felt pain, I was being tased at the same time," responded Cloud.

"So at any point were you trying to stop the officers from getting your arm?" asked White.

"No," Cloud said.

The jury also convicted Cloud of possessing marijuana paraphernalia.

He now faces around $10,000 in fines and up to 10 months in jail.

Cloud's sentencing is scheduled for May 30.