It's too cold to play outside

Pioneer Elementary School is holding recess inside because it's too cold
Pioneer Elementary School is holding recess inside because it's too cold

ASHWAUBENON - The playground at Pioneer Elementary School in Ashwaubenon is empty.

Tuesday's cold temperatures along with the wind are forcing students to play inside.

"Of course the students want to go outside so we want to make sure that we check as much as possible so we can ensure the students are safe," said Pete Marto, principal.

Marto says his school follows district policy which states if it's zero degrees or colder, recess must be held inside.

Pioneer has a morning recess before school starts and an afternoon recess. So far this year the school has held around 40 inside.

Jill Johnson is a first grade teacher and she says some of her students get restless with indoor recess.

"You notice a difference after like three days of indoor recess and then when they go out, and then they come back in, they're all nice and calm," said Johnson.

Sometimes Johnson will play a fitness video to keep her students active.

Some are tired of the cold and just want to be out on the playground.

"I like to have it outside more. It's fun and I play a lot of games," said Ben Hurley, student.

But not everyone likes outdoor recess. Erin Schuch says she'd rather be inside.

"I like to write and draw pictures."

And it looks like Schuch is in luck because the cold temperatures will be sticking around for the next couple of days which means more indoor recess.

The Ashwaubenon School District has added two makeup days to the calendar because of the cold and recent snowstorms.