Is this spring or a lingering winter?

Wintry mix hits Northeast Wisconsin
Wintry mix hits Northeast Wisconsin

DE PERE - Outside Zesty's in De Pere, the weather's flavor of the day is wintry mix. It's not exactly ideal for the ice cream shop's opening day of the season.

“Every year we pick a date about a month in advance and we just go for it, rain, sleet, or snow,” said Ted Zieman, owner of Zesty’s Frozen Custard.

A year ago, the first Friday in April, FOX 11 checked on winter’s transition to spring. In 2013 at Zesty’s, the sun was shining. The difference isn't putting a damper on business expectations.

“I think it's going to be about the same as last year,” said Zieman. “We might hang on to this weather for a little bit, but it was such a cold winter that everybody is just ready for spring and people are coming out no matter what.”

Not everyone in Zesty's neighborhood is being as patient.

“I think there should be a support group for people who own bike shops and ice cream stores and maybe even greenhouses, golf courses,” said Rebecca Cleveland, the owner of The Bike Hub. “We all need to cry on each other’s shoulders.”

The attitude toward spring at The Bike Hub wasn't much different last year.

“Your hands get cold, you can't shift as easily, your feet are frozen, you think you're still pedaling,” said Cleveland in 2013.

“We not only want to sell bikes, but we want to ride our bikes too, so from both ends we're just very eager to see some spring,” said Cleveland on Friday.

It's a small sample size, but buying habits and attitudes seem about the same as last year. But how about the actual temperature? FOX 11 had its weather team look at the numbers.

The past week's average high temperature was about 43 degrees, nearly identical to the same week in 2013.

“Every spring it's the same thing,” said Mark Vanremortel of De Pere.

No matter if its sun or snow, one group that seems to enjoy each spring day the same is fishermen.

“The fish are starting to pick up and I'm going to be out of town for a week, so I thought I better get it in while I can,” said Vanremortel.

“If they're tough enough to go out on the water and fish, we should be tough enough to ride our bikes,” said Cleveland.

Or just be tough enough to wait for spring's sunshine to arrive.