Insurance company claim on the Hilltop Place Apartment fire

Firefighters battled flames at the Hilltop Place Apartments in Allouez on May 23, 2013.
Firefighters battled flames at the Hilltop Place Apartments in Allouez on May 23, 2013.

Update: Tuesday 8:30 am:

A spokesman for Frankenmuth Mutual Insurance offered an updated statement this morning:

"We filed a claim to protect our legal rights to possibly file a lawsuit, under Wisconsin State Law. That was before our investigation even finished. In light of our investigation, no further action needs to be taken. Our investigation shows no problems with the water supply."


GREEN BAY - Was there enough water to fight this massive blaze at an Allouez apartment complex in May?

The answer depends on who you ask.

The Hilltop Place Apartments' insurance company claims there was not.

However, both the village of Allouez and the city of Green Bay, both served by Green Bay Metro Fire, say just the opposite.

The claim was filed last fall. But the Allouez Village Board denied that claim officially just last week.

However, the issue is not over yet. So what's next?

Both Green Bay and Allouez shot down a $5 million claim from Frankenmuth Insurance Company.

It said that a fire destroyed Hilltop Place Apartments completely last May because enough water wasn't available.

“The claim is not valid. There was water at times that were provided and there was no time that we had any issue during the fire,” said Allouez Village Administrator Tracy Flucke.

Flucke explained it's out of the village hands now. However, the legal process might not be over.

“Now it goes back to their insurance company and they take it from there is how far they want to go with it. So I would think it would probably end at this point but it's back at their insurance company and they can decide how they want to handle it,” said Flucke.

Frankenmuth Mutual Insurance's attorney said he was not authorized to comment whether the insurance company would file a lawsuit.

The City of Green Bay also denied the claim at a city council meeting in November.

It was involved in the claim because the Green Bay Metro Fire Department includes Allouez.

Monday, the city attorney's office said:

"The City believes that there is no merit to Frankenmuth Mutual Insurance's claim regarding the Hilltop Fire and has no further comment due to the pending litigation."

Brown County land records show the apartment complex was worth $2.3 million.

It was a total loss and has since been torn down.

The fire left 107 people without a home, but no one was hurt.

Fire investigators could not determine what started the fire.

The Frankenmuth Mutual Insurance Company did not comment about this particular claim. However, it said it has paid the property management company for the loss of the Hilltop Apartment building.