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      How much could it cost to see the Badgers in Texas?

      GREEN BAY - Seeing the Badgers play, in-person, in Arlington, Texas could prove to be quite pricey.At SportClips in Ashwaubenon, where sports is always front and center, Jeff Kubeny's son Tanner is getting a little bit off the top. Not fading from Kubeny's mind though - the Badger's win over Arizona."I had taped it, so I didn't know what happened," said the Kubeny, wearing University of Wisconsin-Madison's shade of red. "And then I saw the pandemonium down in Madison on State Street - it was very exciting."Exciting enough for Kubeny and his son - or you and a friend - to punch your own tickets to Saturday's game in Arlington?The closest center court seats will set you back about $3,600 a ticket. But with prices fluctuating on the NCAA's ticket website, about $200 would at least get you in the door as of Sunday evening.Now you need to get there.When FOX 11 checked flights out of Appleton and Green Bay for Friday evening, the cheapest land at about $780.Hotels FOX 11 looked at averaged about $450 for a two-night stay.An economy rental car and stadium parking will tack on between $200-$450.So if Kubeny and his son went with the cheapest available game tickets, the trip would total at least $2,610."Then the food, drinks," added Kubeny, who lives in De Pere. "Can people afford that?"If you're thinking of trying to save some cash by hitting the road - you're going to have a lot more to plan than just directions on how to get there.The roughly 1,100 mile, one-way trek to North Texas would take a little more than 17 hours - if driven non-stop.A roughly 40-miles-per-gallon rental car from Green Bay costs at least $45. Factor in at least 60 gallons of gas for the entire trip - at an average of $3.54 a gallon - you will exhaust more than $200. Plus the two cheapest available game tickets, one night hotel stay and parking, driving will save a game for two nearly $1,700"If we could go, and swing it and it wouldn't impact us negatively, I mean money-wise, you got to look at experiences! How often are you going to do something like that," said Kubeny.And spend that kind of cash to cheer on your team - taxes not included.