Hotel Northland project receives grant, releases plans

Mayor Jim Schmitt discusses new plans for the Hotel Northland renovation.
Mayor Jim Schmitt discusses new plans for the Hotel Northland renovation.

GREEN BAY –A historic landmark in downtown Green Bay is taking a look into its new future.

In one year's time, the inside could look a whole lot different.

The Hotel Northland received a large grant from the state to move the project forward.

And developers say it should help the renovation stay to its most recent schedule.

On the 90th birthday of the historic building, Mayor Jim Schmitt presented a clearer vision for the future of Hotel Northland.

“The Northland Hotel renovation is our top priority,” said Schmitt.

On Friday, the developers, Frantz Community Investors released a first glimpse at what the restoration will look like.

The 160 room boutique hotel will include some rooms with Jacuzzis and fire places.

The Hotel Northland will include a signature restaurant with certified organic Wisconsin fare. The lower level will have a fitness center, spa, bowling alley, and lap pool. The hotel will also offer a club membership, priced at $495 for individuals and $695 for couples.

“We know there are going to be some meeting rooms. In terms of the spa and where the restaurants are going to be, those are the details that are going to need to be worked out,” said Schmitt.

The developers say they've signed a purchase agreement. But they have to finalize the finances before they can officially own the Hotel Northland.

Frantz Community Investors have struggled for the past year to come up with funds for the project.

“It's going to cost about 35 million dollars. And if you reconstructed a building like this with 170 rooms or whatever and it wasn't historic, it would probably cost 15 million dollars,” said Mike Frantz.

The city approved a six-part funding plan last month.

This Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation half-million dollar grant, along with historic tax credits, will help.

But questions remain whether the historic building that once housed visiting NFL teams will reprise its role.

“We may or may not be able to accommodate them. For instance, just the size of the hotel. We may not be big enough. But we'll see,” said Frantz.

“We may have the owners of the teams or the VIP of the media stay here, versus giving the hotel to the visiting team,” said Schmidt.

Construction will start by August, and a re-opening event will be hosted a year from now.

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