Hortonville parents worried about possible recess cuts


HORTONVILLE - Several dozen parents brought concerns over possible recess cuts to the Hortonville Area Board of Education meeting Monday.

Nine of those parents spoke publicly to the board during the meeting. Rebecca Oberg was one of those parents.

"I have two kids: one's in 4K, one's in 5K. Eliminating morning recess for that little of children is unacceptable to me, as a parent," she said.

Oberg told FOX 11 parents found out last week during a PTO meeting, the district's two elementary schools are considering cutting the 20-minute morning recess for students. That would leave students in kindergarten through 4th grade one half hour recess after lunch.

"Nobody wants their child cooped up like a little soldier. They need to be able to burn off that energy for many, various reasons," said Oberg.

According to Oberg, parents were told the less recess time would be a trade-off to try to raise test scores. However, she told us that time helps keep children mentally, physically and emotionally healthy.

"I want them outside, running and burning off that energy. I want my kids to not be obese. I want them to be active. I want them to learn sports, play with friends," Oberg explained.

Some moms and dads told the board they would even consider switching their children's schools if the cut goes through.

"We are already looking at options of where I can place her where she can survive, where she canĀ  be social, where she can run around and be herself without feeling like she's breaking the rules all day long," said Anna Schmidt.

During the meeting, the school board president said the matter hasn't yet been brought to the board, which would need to approve that kind of change. He said it could be on the agenda next month.

The district refused to comment to FOX 11 on this story following Monday's meeting.

One parent started an online petition asking the district to keep the short recess. It has about 200 signatures so far. There is also a private Facebook group parents started for the same reason.