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      Historical documents stolen in Brookfield

      Historical documents stolen in Brookfield
      BROOKFIELD - More than a week after a multi-million dollar violin was stolen in Milwaukee, more historical artifacts are missing.The documents were signed by our country's founding fathers.Scott Mayer says three priceless documents are missing from his collection. That includes a partial document signed by President George Washington in 1797, a handwritten note by President Abraham Lincoln, and a signed pay order penned by Benjamin Franklin.Brookfield police are now investigating. They are focusing on multiple contractors that had overnight, unsupervised access to the office.Those in the office say it's an unfortunate situation."It was not real long before we were able to put two and two together that the three most valuable pieces have been taken," said Scott Mayer, QPS Employment Group."How terrible it felt to be ripped off, to be violated, is probably the correct word," said Cheryl Datka, executive assistant.Mayer is offering a $5,000 reward if the stolen items are returned. He estimates the value of the three documents is as much as $50,000.